OA for BSB in Canada!

BSBのカナダでのライブにて、Shawn Desmanというアーティストがオープニングアクトを務めるそうです!(Source: DaRealSD on twitter)

b0190157_21164024.jpg RT @DaRealSD: I'll be touring with the "Backstreet Boys" Across Canada in August!!!! :-) Really excited and can't wait to get in front of all my fans!!!!  7:47 PM May 14th via web

RT @DaRealSD: Here are all the dates- 08/06 Vancouver,08/08 Calgary,08/09 Edmonton,08/11 Winnipeg,08/14 Toronto,08/16 Montreal,08/18 Halifax  7:52 PM May 14th via web

RT @DaRealSD: 08/19 Saint John (New Brunswick) and 8/21 St. Johns  7:54 PM May 14th via web

by somh1020 | 2010-05-16 21:17 | 洋楽