Set List Summer '98


OA(オープニングアクト): Aaron Carter, SOAP(女の子2人組), Jimmy Ray

Set List Summer '98
01. That's The Way I Like It
pause Accapella/ Dance Break
02. Hey Mr. DJ
03. My Heart Stays With You
04. Lay Down Beside Me
05. Nobody But You
06. That's What She Said
07. Heaven In Your Eyes ※I Need You Tonightと同じ曲、歌詞が違います。
08. Let's Have A Party
09. Quit Playing Games
10. All I Have To Give
11. Darlin
12. Anywhere For You
13. I'll Never Break Your Heart
14. As Long As You Love Me
15. Get Down

16. Everybody (Backstreet's Back)

※01のアカペラでは、Because I Love Youを熱唱していたそうです。Stevie BのThe Postman Songでしょうか?※Dance Breakでは、Too Close/ NEXT、If I Ever Fall In Love/Shaiも歌ったようです。
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